Japanese think on the peculiar way, the law of cause and effect.


Japanese way of thinking

Japanese way of thinking

[001]You can understand Japanese.



I am Japanese.

Thank you for coming here. I am glad to see you.

I am Japanese. I wish to get our future better. I want to know more. I want you to know Japanese. I will offer you the key of Japanese. The key is my idea. It is not public.

Japanese think and act with the law of cause and effect.

I think it is possible to describe Japanese way of thinking as a simple principle. Most of Japanese don't know that. The simple principle is the law of cause and effect. Most Japanese know the law. It is too common to us. We don't think it special. But other countries' people don't know it. So they think Japanese way of thinking is unique.

the law of cause and effect
What is "the law of cause and effect"?

Japanese hear such thought in daily life. Everything in this world is under the law of cause and effect. Even one (creatures or materials or soul or phenomenons) can not be out of the law. There is a cause about the birth of me. There is a cause of my life. There is a cause about you reading this text.

Japanese like the thought. There is nothing valueless in this world. There is nobody valueless. Nothing happens without meaning. Everybody lives with his worth. There is not difference among the life or existence; human, animals, plants, any other creatures, materials.

Japanese have heard such words so many times. But if we hear the words now, we surely say, "You say wonderful words! I am impressed!"

Of course, Japanese is not the most superior. Japanese often think and do against the law of cause and effect. However we have heard the law of cause and effect usually. The law goes everywhere in Japan. We cannot live without knowing the law of cause and effect.

the law of cause and effect
Japanese don't like rationalism.

Japanese don't like laws by politics, system thinking, rationalism, logic or manual. That may look like uncivilized. But Japan has got the second status of economy in the world only 20 years after the defeat of the Pacific War. Why? We have the law of cause and effect.

Japanese don't like rationalism
The law of cause and effect is another principle.

Human beings can live with some principle. If we don't have any principle, we cannot do anything. We live as social animals and we live for better life. We need some principles which show us what to think and what to do. Rationalism is one method, the law of cause and effect is another method. Rationalism is not absolute. Japanese have another principle. Please understand.

Japanese don't like rationalism
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