Japanese think on the peculiar way, the law of cause and effect.


Japanese way of thinking

Japanese way of thinking





Perhaps you know Japanese is modesty. Some Japanese are haughty, I know.

A person look down others with the social status, money, the political power, authority or force. People don't like him or her. But they obey him or her. He or she will lose his or her power and fall down. Surely people will say, "It is natural."

Haughtiness is not bad. Nobody punish a haughty person. Haughtiness is not forbidden. It is simple. Haughty is the cause of his or her future. Everybody don't like a haughty person. Will that bring good future?

What is en?

I think it is difficult to understand the meaning of "en" in Japanese. It is different from Japanese money "YEN." En is common among Japanese. It means relationship, connection, chance or fate. English has no words as the same as en.

You can understand en with the law of cause and effect. We cannot live alone. Every person, every creature, everything every existence makes one world. Everything can exist or live because of others. I can live because you live. I may have not seen you. But I appreciate you. En is not merely relationship. En makes my existence, my life, my family, my region, my company, my neighbors, my friends and the world.

En is with appreciation. Japanese say, "We live with en." No. We say, "We are made to live by en." No. Mmmmm... It is very difficult to describe Japanese sense. "I can live with en. I appreciate to en with my soul." OK, I see. Appreciation is important to understand en.

We can control en via cause.

En is natural. Nobody can control en. Can't we do anything for en? I think it is difficult for you to understand that point. Nature is not to be conquered or to be submitted. I live my own life. I don't want to live under the control of anybody. But I want to live with all people peacefully. I want to be happy. How can I be happy? Japanese think it is impossible to make happiness. We think happiness comes with en. I cannot make en as my will, but I can make the cause of en as my will. So, I can live my life as my wish if I make the cause as my wish.

When the effect comes?

I can live my life. But really it is not easy. I can make the cause, and the effect will come later; some days, some weeks, some months, some years or more longer. Can I wait? I know success will come. But it isn't now. I don't know when it comes. I don't know how long I must wait. I must be patient. It is not easy. You know, Japanese respect patience. I must believe the law of cause and effect, "Because I have done my best on the cause, I surely get my success." Of course, many Japanese fail in waiting. We respect patient persons because they should succeed.

What effect will come?

There is another difficulty in waiting. I can make the cause. But I don't know what effect comes. I know the effect is my wish. But I don't know what is that. Do you understand? En is complex and impossible to control. But I can know the type of effect will come. However most of Japanese cannot wait, they don't want to think of the effect and the cause. Then, they may make the cause as they don't wish. But we have heard about the law of cause and effect. Every Japanese know the law. Knowing is different from doing.

Accept any effect.

It is difficult to live as the law of cause and effect. We cannot know when and what effect will come. Japanese say, "I have done my best, I accept any effect." That is fundamental principle of life. That determination is the great virtue for Japanese. Accepting any effect sounds conflict to the law of cause and effect. No. If I have surely done my best for the cause as I wish, comes the more wonderful effect than I wish. Who makes my life? Who brings the effect which I wish? It's me! Believing the law of cause and effect is to believe myself.

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