Japanese think on the peculiar way, the law of cause and effect.


Japanese way of thinking

Japanese way of thinking

[003]How to learn for Japanese.



Rationalism defeated spiritualism.

At the Pacific War, Japan fought with spiritualism. USA fought with rationalism. Japan thought, "We can win with strong spirit! Even if we lose any materials. Strategy is not important!" USA studied Japan, made strategy and won. We had lost all. Japanese have the law of cause and effect. The law is not spiritualism. We had mistake. Of course, I don't say about the result of the war. It is important to think of the effect of the war as the cause.

We have learned from other countries.

We thought over our failure. We learned everything from USA who had given us miseries. That is not shame. Japanese have learned from other countries since old days; China, Korea, Europe, USA, and other countries. Yes, learning is the cause of better future. If we think Japan is great, we don't learn from other countries. Modesty is important for Japanese because it is necessary for learning. We think modesty is the most powerful, the greatest, the most admirable, the most important virtue and the most successful.

Rational study

There is the wide difference between rational study and learning on the law of cause and effect. I understand the rational study has made the great civilization. We live abundant life. I appreciate to the rational study mainly from Europe and USA. It is great. But recently rationalism shows various difficult problems such as environment, poverty, economic crisis, the decline of countryside, terrorism and so on. Politics wander around. People feel loneliness. Rationalism don't see the law of cause and effect. I say rationalism don't see "en."

Learning on the law of cause and effect

Rational study sees what result we get. It is said a goal. It is not allowed not to know when or what result to get. It is thought on myself. On the other hand, learning on the law of cause and effect is thought on en meaning the world or nature. We have something to know. We know that we don't know it. We don't know what it is. It is natural because we don't know it. We should be modest for it. The learning is not to get success for the goal, but to make the cause for the better future. You know, Japanese are good at learning from other countries. It is not rational studies. If you see us as rationalism, you don't understand Japanese.

Japanese backbone

The law of cause and effect seems science. It's not. I use the word "law" because English don't have a proper word. The law of cause and effect cannot be probed. It may be faith. Japanese say various kinds of words as the law of cause and effect. It is too common for us. It is Japanese backbone. Japanese do as the law of cause and effect unconsciously. It is not science and we think science is more important than it. But we think and do on the law of cause and effect. It makes various features of Japanese.

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