Japanese think on the peculiar way, the law of cause and effect.


Japanese way of thinking

Japanese way of thinking

[008]Universality is diversity.



The law of cause and effect is universal.

I say Japanese think and act on the law of cause and effect. Europeans and Americans think and act with rationalism. That is stereotype. I think so.

In fact, all the world people have the law of cause and effect, not only Japanese. Each people have different language or culture. It is different how to understand and how to output.

We think one thing as diversity.

Rationalism is a part of the law of cause and effect.

Rationalism think cause and effect, but only a simple effect and the cause for it. It is efficiency.

The law of cause and effect think every cause and effect. Everything is a cause and a effect at the same time. Nothing is a cause or a effect. That is the sense of "en" in Japanese.

I say, the law of cause and effect is quite different from rationalism, but both are the same.

All people can understand each other.

If the law of cause and effect is only different from rationalism, Japanese cannot be understood by other people. But we can. We, all the world people, feel sad for the same situation. We feel happy for the same situation. We understand the same theory. We can live together. We can discuss. We can work together. We can do for our future.

There is a common principle for all the people.

But we have different perspective.

We are different from each other. We have different cultures each other. Cultures are not principle, but perspectives.

Japanese think differences are oneness. Principle is one, perspectives are diverse. That is not strange.

I expect all the world people can understand Japanese way of thinking.

Of course Japanese way of thinking is not the best. Japanese should understand other people's way of thinking. It must be possible.

Japanese has a shame culture.

Japanese think and act as the law of cause and effect. But we often think and act against the law of cause and effect. We often think and act without the law of cause and effect. If we do so, we are criticized by others.

Ruth Benedict, the author of "The Chrysanthemum and the Sword", pointed the fact. Her work is very great. She said that Japan has a 'shame' culture. Many Japanese don't want to accept that, but have not been able to deny. Japan has a 'shame' culture. I think that comes from the law of cause and effect.

We have learned rationalism.

After WW2, Japanese have accepted and learned American way of thinking. We have transformed us as American way. We have taken rationalism. Perhaps that has brought us the wonderful economic prosperity. We have succeeded as economy.

Japanese have accepted other cultures and transformed us, not only American culture. Our traditional culture is original and not original at the same time.

We have been defeated in the Pacific War because USA have rationalism. We have thought we should learn rationalism and done.

Some people worry.

But our rapid success of economy have taken us the distant way. We have got abundant life. We have lost something.

Now Japanese have lost way. Where are we going?

That is the same all over the world.

I think the law of cause and effect give us the way.

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