Japanese think on the peculiar way, the law of cause and effect.


Japanese way of thinking

Japanese way of thinking

[013]Japanese leaders don't lead people.



Three people make superior wisdom to the greatest wisdom.

Japan has some proverbs about wisdom. I tell you one of them. It shows the typical characteristic of Japanese way of thinking.

Monju is a Buddhist saint who has the greatest wisdom. Nobody is wiser than him. But if three common people think together, they have as great wisdom as Monju. Common people are superior to a wise person. Japanese think the wisdom of common people is superior to the great elite.


Two heads are better than one

There is a similar proverb in English. "Two heads are better than one"

But it is quite different from Japanese one. Because English merely say that two is better than one and don't say that common three is as wise as the wisest. English don't have the thinking like Japanese.

Japan don't have leaders.

It is often said that there are not great leaders in Japan. Japanese social systems need not leaders. That is exaggeration and stereotype, I know. I say the characteristic of Japanese way of thinking.

Occidental people think that a great leader leads people and it is the best social system. Japanese people don't think so. It is the best social system that some people think together. Japanese leaders are not leaders which Occidental people think, but managers who take the balance of people.

Japanese society is agreement of people.

Japanese think some people have as great wisdom as even Monju. One leader, however great he or she is, cannot work as well as common people. I think it can be described on the law of cause and effect. Everything is a cause and an effect at the same time. The real world is too complex to be treated by one person. Diversity is good for complexity.

In Japan, politics, many companies, communities, many organizations and governments don't have leaders. You know, even Japanese prime ministers are not leaders like as the president.

Japanese societies are not good at decision making.

It is often said that Japanese are not good at decision making. It is quite natural. Recently many Japanese think decision making is important. But actually we seem not to want any strong leaders. If somebody take a powerful leadership, we hate him.

We think all of us agree one conclusion. It is too difficult. Then it is hard for us to take decision.

Japanese societies are powerful.

It is often said Japanese societies are very powerful. It is natural. If one decision is made, we agree it and act for it. We think our society is more important than our privacy. Of course some Japanese people don't think so. You know many Japanese think and act as so.

Even if I don't like the decision, I accept it. Then Japanese societies are naturally powerful. I cannot live alone. I can live with diversity of the world. Everything is a cause and an effect at the same time. We live on the law of cause and effect.

Sometimes Japanese societies don't work well.

We cannot always make agreement of all members properly. Then we cannot have any conclusions. Japanese often send the conclusion to the future, and don't make conclusions now. You think Japanese way of thinking is mysterious. But that is our wisdom. Sometimes we had better not make any conclusions now. Time will solve them.

It is hard to make agreement. So, a strong person is a leader, and he or she make the conclusion forcibly. You should be careful at my description. Perhaps it is difficult for you to understand it, but it is very important for understanding Japanese way of thinking.

Japanese forcible leader doesn't have the leadership. He or she doesn't make any decision. People know what decision he or she wants. People make the agreement as he or she wants. If a person disagrees, people say, "You had better say nothing." The leader says nothing but people make the conclusion he or she wants. That is not as "Three people make superior wisdom to the greatest wisdom." But that seems like the proverb superficially. And people think and act for the conclusion. Please you know such a forcible leader is hated by people. He or she has no confidence. He or she will fall down. It is the law of cause and effect.

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