Japanese think on the peculiar way, the law of cause and effect.


Japanese way of thinking

Japanese way of thinking

[016]Mythological Japan



Mythological Emperor Tenno

Every country has its own mythology. Japan, too. Japanese mythology has many gods called "kami". A male god and a female god made Japan. Their descendant went down to Japan and became the emperor called Tenno. Now Japan keep Tenno as mythology. The Imperial House of Japan has not broken yet.

That is surprising. Perhaps no other countries keep mythological emperor.



Japan has not been conquered.

Japan was defeated on the Pacific War in 1945. For 6 years USA governed Japan. In 1951, Japan recovered the position of a independent country. USA didn't conquer Japan, but helped Japan to be a democratic country.

Japan has not been conquered by any other countries in our long history. That is surprising. Perhaps no other countries have not conquered for more than 1500 years. Japanese history has been written since about 500. Before then we don't know what is Japan except for what the remains show.

Japanese nation has not changed.

Every country has changed its own national polity. Such change breaks its culture or religion.

Japan has not experienced such change. Of course government have been changed many times. Even during samurai period, from 1192 to 1868, Tenno kept to be emperors. Shoguns of samurai were actually the king of Japan. But Shoguns were entrusted to govern Japan by Tenno formally. Now Japan is a democratic country. But Tenno is a symbol of Japan. The Imperial House of Japan continues.

Japanese cultures or religions have not never broken by other people. That is surprising.

Not colony

From 16th century Spain and Portugal got Asian countries as their colonies. And other European countries got Asian countries. Most part of Asia had been colonies. But Japan has not been colony. Why? Japan turned away other countries by military power? In modern period, that is partly true.

In 16th century, Spain and Portugal came to Japan. They want to get Japan. But they could not. Perhaps Japanese samurai could not defeat their strong military.

I think Japanese have the unique power. That is not military. That is not science.

Japan widely changed some times.

Japanese are thought to dislike any change. But we have widely changed some times in our history.

In 1868 Japanese stopped the samurai period and began the modern country. In 1945 Japanese stopped war and began to be peaceful country in partnership with USA which had been enemy since 1945.

Japanese can change widely in a short time. That is surprising. Perhaps no other countries can do such wide change.

I think that is Japanese unique power. It is the same as the power which makes us keep not a colony.

Not top-down

Japanese unique power is not based on top-down system. Of course Japanese societies also have the firm social classes. But Japanese leaders are not leaders as Occidental leaders. I told that in the article [013].

Perhaps a top-down society cannot keep one nation for a long history and cannot be keep not conquered. Then what is the unique power? I think it is not understood by other people.

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