Japanese think on the peculiar way, the law of cause and effect.


Japanese way of thinking

Japanese way of thinking

[017]Japan isn't the tradition.



Changing Japan and unchanged Japan

Japanese history has been written since about 500. For 1500 years Japan has been Japan. During governed by USA after the Pacific War, Japan was Japan. We didn't loose our cultures or religions or language or communities. Any other countries didn't conquer Japan.

But, at the same time, Japan have changed widely some times. Japan has been unchanged and changing widely. What does it mean?

Japan changes only from inside.

Japan cannot be changed from outside, but Japan changes widely from inside. Many Japanese don't think so. However the history tells that.

Japanese don't want to say about religions or ideology. Japanese don't have the sense of justice. Japanese think justice is relative, not absolute. Justice is changeable. So religions and ideology are not absolute.

Such sense seems indecisive. Japanese look mysterious. I think that is the power of Japanese. Because Japanese think nothing is absolute, any other countries cannot break Japan. And Japanese can change ourselves easily and widely.

Japanese don't take care of tradition.

Everything is changing. That is Japanese sense. Then traditional cultures are not fixed. Tradition is changing.

Other countries' people think Japan has traditional cultures originally. That is different from Japanese sense. Most Japanese don't think of traditions. We think of what is going now. Recently Japanese have learned Occidental rationalism. We take rationalism into our life and society.

Japan is not traditional culture.

Some people say that Japanese lost traditions and it is sad. I don't think so.

Japanese traditional cultures are thought as Zen, sado, kado, judo, sumo, kabuki, nou, ninja, geisha, kimono, geta, Japanese house, shrines, temples, Japanese gardens, karesansui, wabi-sabi and so on. But most Japanese don't have interest in them so much.

I say such traditional cultures are Japan, but Japan is not such traditional cultures.

Japanese culture is...

Then what is Japanese culture?

Everything is changing. Traditions are changing. It is the Japanese culture, I think. That sense of Japanese are based on the law of cause and effect. An effect is a cause. A cause is an effect. Everything depends on each other. Everything is value because it is the cause of something. If the cause is bad, is the cause value? Yes. Judging good or bad is our thinking. And it is relative. Everything makes this world with each other. Nothing is absolute. Only it is absolute that nothing is absolute.

Thinking it is Japanese tradition, Japanese have not lost tradition.

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