Japanese think on the peculiar way, the law of cause and effect.


Japanese way of thinking

Japanese way of thinking

[018]Japanese sense of religions



I believe any religions.

Japanese religions are strange for other people. I wrote about it in the article [004] [005] [006]. You think Japanese don't have proper religions. Japanese don't think so. I wrote imaging you think of Japanese.

Perhaps the most amazing thought of Japanese is that any religions are the same. Some Japanese strongly believe one religion. But many Japanese think "I may believe any religions because any religions are the same."

God or Buddha is in my soul

Where is God or Buddha? This question is common to Japanese. We always answer "God or Buddha is in our souls".

Many Japanese think so. Then we allow any religions. Buddhism has many denominations in it. Many Japanese don't have much interest in the distinction among them. Any God or Buddha is in my soul. My soul is one.

If I get angry or jealous, I live in the hell with demons. If I live with love, I live in the heaven with God or Buddha. God or Buddha doesn't stay somewhere far from this world. The attitudes of myself is the very God or Buddha, or the heaven or the hell.

Any religions don't conflict.

There are so many religions or denominations in Japan. Some are aggressive. But most religions in Japan are in harmony. If I go to another religion's place or event, that's all right. If I read another religion's book, that's all right.

Japanese are thought we have high morality. Of course some Japanese not. I should have more morality, too. Many of us have our own morality not on a particular religion, but on the law of cause and effect. It is not Buddhism or Shinto. I say it is Japanesism.

Japanese don't like strict religions.

Christianity came to Japan in 1549. After the Pacific War (1945-) Japanese have learned USA mainly, but there are not so many Christians in Japan. Christianity is a great religion. Many people feel a burden on one-god relief like Christianity. The God is the only god. The religion is only justice. Other religions are wrong. Such thinking bothers Japanese.

Japanese respect nature.

Any God or Buddha is in our souls. At the same time, any God or Buddha is the nature. We worship God or Buddha. Therefore we respect everything of nature.

Before we construct or build, we have groundbreaking ceremony not for celebration but for worship to nature.

We think of the directions of the parts of our house. It is not "Feng shui" but "Kaso". Recently, even in the scientific ages, we think of Kaso. It is not superstition but the wisdom for nature.

We have much more cultures about respect for nature. That is the Japanese sense of religions.

Japanese respect other persons.

I wrote about Japanese Honorific in the article [012]. We have very complex system of honorific. Japanese always think of the relationship between me and others. We are taught to respect others during all our life.

There are bad people actually. Why should we respect even them? Because God or Buddha is even in their souls. That is not humanity or human rights. That is the Japanese sense of religions.

The Pacific War

Japanese is not the most superior. We have much to learn and we should evolve and raise ourselves.

The biggest mistake in our history is the Pacific War. I don't say about our defeat. Japanese injured many other people and we injured ourselves and lost seriously. In the period of the War, we lost Japanesism. We don't worship others nor nature. We worship only Tenno. We lost the sense of diversity. The God or Buddha wasn't in our souls. It is very important to respect tenno, but it is as important as for other people. Because we worship only one, we went to the mistake.

I appreciate you to read this article. I am glad to respect you. That is the sense of "En" in the article [002].

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